Finding a missing farmers' market

Dewey Square, South Station, Boston MA 02111On May 21, 2008, the City of Boston calendar (screen shot) announced the opening day of the farmers’ market at Dewey Square/South Station in Boston. The Boston Public Market Association website listed the same information.

We walked over to the square, but there wasn’t any market.

Here’s what we did about it:


[2008.05.21]  We called the City of Boston phone number on the calendar listing and were told that the city was waiting for information about the market schedule.

[2008.05.22]  We emailed and received a prompt reply from Howard Leibowitz, Executive Director of the Boston Public Market Association, explaining that the Association will not be offering a seasonal market at Dewey Square this year because they were unable to resolve logistical issues (loading/unloading on Atlantic Ave) that drove up costs. 

[2008.05.22]  We emailed the Mayor of Boston asking that the city step in and facilitate the opening of the market. (10 days, no reply)

[2008.06.02]  We sent an open letter to the Mayor’s Office. Continued… (Find out what happened, and comment)

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