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Dewey Square Farmers' Market Returns

The Dewey Square Farmers’ Market opened today and will be open until 6:30PM this evening. This public market near South Station is a program of Boston Public Market. We’re glad to have it back in 2009, after missing it last year.

a little reorganization

This week, the kids and I took a moment to think about our site. We decided to update the structure a bit. We want to talk about the neighborhood in two different ways: 1) small, quick encounters/observations; and 2) longer-term projects that take weeks or months of advocacy. Until now, we’ve dedicated our posts to […]

Fixing park lights on the Greenway

The newly-installed lights along the entire west side of the Chinatown Park on the Greenway are out. Another lamppost on the east side is half out. We noticed all this while playing wall ball in the evening. In the city, there’s always a question of who’s-in-charge-of-what. On the Greenway, the main players are the City of Boston, […]

Cleaning a storm drain

The storm drain at the end of our street needs to have its catch basin mucked out. My son pointed out the smell weeks ago, and I agree—something’s not right. The smell is overpowering, and we had to hold our breath to take this photo. There is a small restaurant on the corner which suffers […]

Tending a vacant lot

We live near a narrow, fenced-in, overgrown lot in the heart of downtown Boston. A section of the chain link fence regularly collapses onto the sidewalk, allowing you to walk inside. Under the shrubs, you can see how the lot has absorbed bottles, takeout containers, and illegally dumped restaurant grease for years. (On a recent […]

Neighborhood events this week

Films at the Gate Wednesday, Sept. 3 – Sunday, Sept. 7 (films start each night at 7:30 PM) For five nights this week, for the third year in a row, a vacant lot near Boston’s Chinatown Gate will become a free, outdoor theater, showing Kung-Fu and classic Chinese-language films. Learn more here. The film series is a community event […]

Finding a missing farmers' market

  On May 21, 2008, the City of Boston calendar (screen shot) announced the opening day of the farmers’ market at Dewey Square/South Station in Boston. The Boston Public Market Association website listed the same information. We walked over to the square, but there wasn’t any market. Here’s what we did about it: Steps [2008.05.21]  We called the City […]

Fixing a broken traffic signal

The red light on the northeast corner of Kneeland and Tyler Streets has been out for weeks. Even with a signal, crossing at this intersection is tough for pedestrians because cars speed, run red lights, and make numerous turns. The pedestrian/walk button on the same corner is also broken. The button has been jammed into its socket […]

Improving Gateway Park

Gateway Park is a small park/playground located near the southern end of Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway. It sits in the shadow of the Chinatown Gate, so the park’s condition sends a powerful message about the state of the neighborhood and Boston generally. Unlike the newly created Chinatown Park to the north, Gateway Park is in poor condition and suffers from the […]

Fixing residential recycling collection

Recently, we noticed that our curbside recycling was being dumped into a garbage truck with our household trash. We shot this video and sent it to the Boston Department of Public Works. Steps [2008.05.05]  City employees replied by email and said a meeting was planned with the collection contractor (Capitol). [2008.05.09]  On the next trash day, household trash was picked […]