Park re-opens in the heart of the neighborhood

The ribbon cutting at the Mary Soo Hoo park yesterday answers two questions the kids and I have been exploring for several years now: what does it take to clean up a park and a vacant lot. (See our “cases” in the menu above.)

Today the city and local advocates accomplished both, and we’re moved and excited to see the community regain this public space. The park looks great. The vacant lot (adjacent to the park) has been cleaned and a fence added—not an ideal condition, but a big step in the right direction.

Side note: one of the reasons we haven’t started any new cases over the past year is because of Boston’s mobile app Citizen’s Connect. We use it all the time, recommend it highly, and it is now our first step in trying to get things fixed in our neighborhood. And more often than not, after we report, things get fixed. Bravo.