a little reorganization


This week, the kids and I took a moment to think about our site. We decided to update the structure a bit.

We want to talk about the neighborhood in two different ways: 1) small, quick encounters/observations; and 2) longer-term projects that take weeks or months of advocacy. Until now, we’ve dedicated our posts to our longer-term projects and ignored the little stuff. The result: we went months without creating a new post. And we found ourselves updating old posts with progress reports, long after most readers had probably moved on.

So we’ve shifted things around.

1) We migrated our longer-term projects (which we call “cases”) to a series of pages which you can access via the drop-down menu above, and

2) We’re aiming to increase the frequency of our posts, giving brief updates on our various “open” cases and talking about other things we notice.

Hope it works for you. Feedback welcomed.






One response to “a little reorganization”

  1. Jacqueline Church Avatar

    Great idea! Have you tried the new bakery yet? I did a post on the “Po Tat” there. My favorite!

    Can’t wait for our market to open in Dewey Square! See you there?