Fixing a broken traffic signal

The red light on the northeast corner of Kneeland and Tyler Streets has been out for weeks. Even with a signal, crossing at this intersection is tough for pedestrians because cars speed, run red lights, and make numerous turns. The pedestrian/walk button on the same corner is also broken. The button has been jammed into its socket and does not move.


[2008.05.12]  We emailed the Boston Transportation Department. (10 days no reply or results.)

[2008.05.22]  We called the Transportation Department (617) 635-4283 and were transferred to Signal Shop. We were told that someone would come out to fix both problems. A few hours later, a replacement lamp and a new pedestrian/walk button were installed. Case closed.


The Boston Transportation Department repairs street signs and traffic signals. Call (617) 635-4283 or email.